Hypnobirthing Sessions

10th January 2021 12 - 5pm 21st February
The online sesssions are approx 3 hours teaching online (via Zoom) in 2 sessions to suit, plus online content to work through.
At the beginning I will get to you the book, MP3 codes and a parent folder to accompany the course.
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I have recently combined the two courses that I offer into a wonderful fusion of the best of Hypnobirthing (KGH) and the Real Birth Workshop, with the added mention throughout of the fabulous Spinning Babies teachings of Gail Tully.

Hypnobirthing enables a woman to work with her body, which is naturally designed for pregnancy and birth, and is based on providing knowledge and learned methods for relaxation, clarity of thought and the release of fear.  


The Real Birth workshop is designed to promote positive birth through interactive teaching to help empower pregnant woman and their birth partners during the time leading up to birth.  The workshop is designed to dramatically reduce the fear that women can feel at the prospect of having a baby. 


Both courses therefore cross and interlink in their teaching to inspire women and their birth partners with the normal, natural beauty of pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

Creating a fusion of these, harnessing all the wonderfully helpful and positive information has been a journey that I have be keen to embark on, I do hope it is a real help to your on your journey.

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The sessions will cover the content of the both highly acclaimed courses in depth, and with real experiences and stories to bring it to reality, divided into topics:

  • Introduction to antenatal education

  • Background of Hypnobirthing

  • Understanding the birthing body

  • Understanding your ability

  • Influence of the mind

  • Relaxations

  • Role of the birth partner(s) 

  • Options for birth

  • Preparing for birth

  • Baby's early days

  • Being Parents


£85 per couple, for 5 hour taught session plus online sessions to complete at own pace.

 (held in covid-19 secure and spacious Beehive Healthcare in Chester for 2 - 4 couples at a time)